This page last updated on 12/26/02.

Excellent... We're Engaged!

This is my ring -->

Yes... Alan and I are engaged! (Are you surprised? No? I didn't think so... but I was.) It happened on Christmas morning. Alan had made me a nice wooden box, which I kind of knew, because I knew he'd been working on something wooden for me and I'd also seen him fiddling with a key. So on Christmas, he put the key in my stocking, and made sure the box was the last thing opened from under the tree, and somehow stayed calm through all the other present-unwrapping. The box was the wrong size for jewelery, so I opened it suspecting nothing in particular, and saw a diamond ring, the diamond ring I wanted, in fact. I was completely stunned, I gasped, he proposed and I said yes!

The ring is a Tiffany Lucida, as you might have guessed from the pictures above. I've wanted that particular design for years, which was great for Alan... it only took him 20 minutes to buy the thing, and there were no worries about whether I'd like it. It is stunningly, ridiculously beautiful, and in dim light it casts off sparks of many colors. When I look at it on my finger I feel a bit like a little girl playing dress-up, but it also looks just right. Gorgeous, in fact. I am very relieved (no more wondering about will we or won't we) and somewhat scared (big gamble). But that last is nothing new, and Alan's the right person, so it'll probably be fine. We are happy. All of our parents also seem happy enough, although Alan's were surprisingly shocked. They had to have known it would happen sometime... for such a long time now it seems the only question has been when.

So now you'll want to know the next when. When, Rachel, when, when, when are you getting married? We don't know yet and I've promised to give Alan a few days off from thinking about it. Just upgrading from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé and fiancée took enough psychic energy for one go-round (though we did buy tickets for our trip to Europe in April yesterday afternoon. Somehow, after deciding to get married in the morning, it seemed very easy to decide on that). We are leaning toward a small ceremony in the fall, I think, though there is a temptation to get legally married before that. Dunno yet. We've agreed to see a marriage counsellor before we do whatever we're doing, and maybe a separate financial one too. Beyond that, I don't care much what the details are. I did buy a copy of Modern Bride this morning so I can start daydreaming, though. :D

...and some older news from the 20th when I last updated this...

I've been feeling like updating this, but I'm not sure how much has happened. Life goes on pretty much as usual. I did get one more good picture back from the Magnus photo shoot, one that didn't come out well on the digicam but came out well on film. It looks sort of floaty. I like it.

In other picture-centric news, Serabi has been featured on! I am very proud. Here is the direct link to the picture of her, but check out Roswell and The Cats while you're there. Both of them are laugh-out-loud funny.

I've continued to think about Big Political Issues this month, but made myself calm down a little. I got an awesome idea for a Massachusetts ballot question though... to pursue it or not to pursue it, that's my question. Here is a page telling how to get a question on... and doesn't it sound like a ton of work? I think so. Yick. They don't make this good citizen stuff easy, not at all.