Geartrain screensaver -- now in beta testing

This project is a screensaver for Windows. I started it in early Dec 2001, when I thought it would take me about a month to crank out... well, I was only off by a factor of 6. It's a nice screensaver at this point, and I'm going to try to sell it somehow; if that doesn't work, fine, it can keep being shareware.

Most of the time, the screensaver will draw a gear train on your screen, using realistic spur gear geometry (if not always realistic colors). However, it does keep its secrets and will reward users who watch it for long enough.

Click here to download Geartrain as a zip file

Unpack the .scr file to one of the following locations, or wherever it is that your Windows system needs .scr files to be. It's been tested (but not terribly extensively, yet) on every system listed except Windows 95.

Windows 95: C:\Windows (?)
Windows 98: C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows
Windows XP: C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32
Windows 2000: C:\WINNT\System32