Biological daughter...

Yes, I have a biological daughter (biobrat for short). I donated eggs to make her in late 2000, thus propagating my selfish genes without having to put much effort into raising the progeny; stop thinking I got a free ride though, all those injections were not fun. Since I don't want kids myself and the parents are my friends, this was totally win-win. She lives with her daddies on the west coast, which is a fair distance, but she visited me in August 2002, and these are the pictures.
Here I am sitting on the floor with her.
Still on the floor.
This one came out nice; Madonna and child for the year 2002.
Her, me and the biological (and real) daddy. I seem to be in the act of crossing my legs, and only baby is looking at the camera, but it's cute.
Murphy's Law takes effect: the adults are now looking at the camera but baby doesn't care.