Bouncy balls in spaaaaaaace!

This project is a screensaver for Windows. It's not nearly as good as the gear screensaver in any objective sense, but... if you like 2D gravity (which I do), then it's a fun thing to watch.

Click here to download it as a zip file

Unpack the .scr file to one of the following locations, or wherever it is that your Windows system needs .scr files to be. It's only been tested on XP and 2000, so please drop me a line if you put it on another system. (Though, given the simplicity of the OpenGL calls this one makes, I'd be pretty shocked if it didn't work.)

Windows 95: C:\Windows (?)
Windows 98: C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows
Windows XP: C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32
Windows 2000: C:\WINNT\System32